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We Have The Answer: “Why Your Dog Always Follows You Everywhere?” (GOOD REASON)

How to Understand Your Dog. A dog’s love is undemanding and selfless, and they find numerous ways to express this love. If you learn to recognize some of your dog’s quirks for what they are, you’ll start to understand your pet even better. From following you into the bathroom to freaking out as you come home and licking your face – let’s explain the most common dog behaviors in a simple way.

-Dogs are pack animals that don’t understand what “alone time” is about. Your dog might be trying to protect you or just be curious.

-When giving you puppy eyes, your pet is trying to show you that they love you to the moon and back.

-Your pup gives you a “gift” to make their most favourite person in the world pleased and happy. -By leaning on you, your pup is asking you for more kisses and hugs.

-You can’t hide your emotions from dogs. They detect your unhappiness both from your body language and from the way you smell.

-If your pooch chooses your face for their wet doggy kisses, they’re showing you how good you make them feel. As for licking your feet, this is how your pet releases its doggy stress.

-By snoozing in your room, your dog feels that you’re nearby – even when you’re away.

-As you get home, show their happiness by rushing around and crashing against everything in their way.

-If your dog chooses to snuggle with you after a meal, this means that they feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable around you.

-If your dog winks at you, check to see if you’re doing the same thing. -When dogs paw at you, they become the focus of your attention, and they use it to their advantage.

Source of information: Bright Side

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