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12 Myths About Animals You Probably Still Believe But…. You May Be Shocked

Can touching a toad give you warts? Since childhood, we’ve been reading and hearing a lot of “facts,” the truthfulness of which we never doubted. However, many of them are artifice. There are so many false myths we spread from day to day that it’s about time the world of science created an entirely separate department dedicated to myth debunking! Today, we’re talking about animals. We think we know everything about them. However, some facts, which we probably believe, only mislead us. Bright Side decided to find out which facts about animals are not true and put an end to these questions.

– Dogs see other colours as well but not as much as humans do. – Bulls want to attack because of the movements in front of them.

– When ostriches are scared, “they fly the coop”.

– Toads don’t cause warts.

– Chameleons change their colour to reflect their moods.

– Elephants walk really quietly.

– Grapefruit is the biggest thing the blue whale can swallow.

– Moles can see, but they have poor eyesight.

– Cheese is not mice’s favourite food.

– Fish makes sounds similar to the noise on a busy farm.

– Rhinoceros don’t have horns, they have peculiar hard “crests”.

– Animals hibernate because of the scarce source of food in winter.

Source of information: Bright Side 


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