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Finally REVEALED The Meaning Behind These 21 Strangest Dog Behaviors

In this video, we’ll explain to you the real meaning behind 21 dogs strangest behaviours and explain why dogs do these behaviours.

Why dogs kick when you scratch their belly.
This movement is an involuntary reaction called a scratch reflex. When you scratch a dog’s belly, you activate the nerves under the skin that are connected to their spinal cord. These nerves send a message to your dog’s leg muscles to kick and twitch in an attempt to get rid of an irritant.

Why dogs kick their feet after pooping.
By scratching the ground, your dog is releasing the pheromones located in the scent glands of its feet. This is the main way your dog marks its territory.

Why dogs drag their butts on the floor.
Your dog dragging their bottom on the ground, also known as Scooting, is almost always a sign that something is irritating your dog— like Infection, inflammation, or worms. More often than not, this irritation has to do with anal sac problems. dogs have anal sacs located on both sides of their rear end.

Why dogs hump.
In general, dogs hump something to establish their territory. Even a stuffed animal. Both male and female dogs hump.

Watch all the 21 Strangest Dog Behaviours bellow:

Source of information: Jaw-Dropping Facts on YouTube


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