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These 10 Animals Were SCARIER than DINASOURS but You Have Never Heard Of Them!

No one today can really get a full idea of what it was like to live surrounded by dinosaurs. While today we know that some animals like killer whales, alligators, lions and other big predators can be threatening to us humans, none of these can compare to the danger that dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals represented.

Today we’ll have a look at ten animals that were scarier than dinosaurs.

You’ll realize that dinosaurs were harmless and perhaps even friendly compared to the beasts I’ll show you today.

I’ll also talk about some of the movies that fed us ideas of what these animals were like, and I’ll compare those ideas to actual facts that will make you understand how real-life creatures were in fact a bit scarier than what we see on the screen.

Stay tuned all the way to number one and find out about an animal that you’ll be thankful to know’s gone extinct.

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