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Australian Zookeeper Shares What is Like to Run A Wildlife Park and you will be Amazed (21 Pics)

The pandemic has dropped our get-away plans, constrained us back to our homes, and bolted us inside for great. The solitary spot we can make a trip to now is the supermarket, and relying upon where you live, the nearby government may have set cutoff points on that too. Presently I’m not griping or anything; that is only the manner in which life is right now. Be that as it may, sitting inside your four dividers gets pretty dreary pretty quick. So we should go on an outing, will we?

Before you answer, let me say this—no, I’m not provoking you to a round of GeoGuessr. Yet, I have something comparably vivid. Comparably thrilling.

Australian animal specialist Chad Staples, who runs a whole natural life park, is posting photographs of his wild occupation to his online media records, and plainly he is koalified for the work. Yet, the pictures not just present his regular obligations. They additionally permit us to become acquainted with creatures we probably won’t meet in any case. Ever. So keep looking over and investigate Chad’s pics!


Chad has always loved animals but he has never imagined it was possible for him to do it as a career. He is really thankful for the chance he got straight out of high school 24 years ago and hasn’t looked back ever since.

“My career started as a casual zookeeper, then full-time for 5 years, moved into zoo education after that for 3 years, then curating species and collections from that and now I’ve been the director of one zoo for 6 years and the second for about 12 months,”

“I can’t get enough of these head smooches from this beautiful boy”

As you can probably tell, it’s a lot of work. “I manage 2 collections, one is the largest collection of Australian animals in the world at a park called Featherdale in Sydney, and the second is a collection of endangered species from all over the world about 4 hours south of Sydney called Mogo,” Chad said.

However, the man is so passionate about what he does, Chad doesn’t consider his responsibilities a job. To him, they’re pure joy. Plus, he never really knows what a new day has in store for him. “There is no typical day when you work with animals, my whole day, week, month, year, life is making sure they have everything they need.”

“Phoenix selfie”

“Damn, I miss these kisses”

“Hopefully the cubs are coming back to see us very soon”

“It’s amazing where a Joey kangaroo will get you access to”

“Happy birthday, Archer. I can’t believe my little man is turning 6”

“That’s what a “milk drunk” wombat looks like after his bottle”

“I just love how small and insignificant you feel standing in the presence of such a spectacular animal”

“I find it hard to put into words how an encounter like this makes me feel”

“Every day is full of moments like these as a zookeeper, it has never been my job but my absolute passion and privilege”

“Every day the choices we make affect whether the next generation will have the opportunity to experience what we can today with the most precious animals on the planet”

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