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These Are The WORST & WEIRDEST Pet Names VETS have heard and we CANT STOP LAUGHING

Not long ago, Reddit user u/Lia_Julee asked, “Vets of Reddit, what was the worst pet name you have ever encountered in your job?”

Here is the list:

1. “Envelope”
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2. “So I’m not a vet, but I’m deeply involved in the horse world…When naming quarter horses, many breeders like to create a registered name that incorporates the parents’ names and bloodlines. So, somebody bred together the stallion Kid’s Classic Style and the mare Lookin’ Touchable. The best name that the breeders could come up with for the foal? KidsLookinTouchable. Yeah. That’s the best they could come up with.”

3. “Sexy — for a chihuahua. Just made the whole consultation very awkward.”

4. “One of my boys wanted to name one of our dogs Meat Stack. (My son was 6 when we adopted the puppy). The same kid wanted to name his brother Turtle Flower when he was born. Needless to say, he is not in charge of naming things in our household.”

5. “Not a vet, but I lived in the Marshall Islands for a few years and I noticed that all black male dogs are named Lakilimej (black boy), all-white male dogs are named Lamoujouj (white boy), all brown male dogs are Laburaun (brown boy), and all black and white dogs are named Oreo”

6. “Old neighbour lady had a cat named Face”

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7. “My brother-in-law named his cat Salad.”

8. “I had a cat named Boobie as a child.”

9. “…I once picked up a loose Great Dane named Ben Stiller. Should’ve kept him.”

10. “City”

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11. “…my history teacher told us that he let his daughter name the cat when she was very young, and she called him Fluffybutt. Years later she decided to rename him, Milo. My history teacher lived in a fairly rough area of the city and didn’t exactly enjoy yelling ‘Fluffybutt’ into the night to get the cat home.”

12. “My dad has always wanted a dog named Askim so when someone asks what your dog’s name is, you can just say ‘Askim’.”

13. “The first pet that I can remember getting was a fish when I was about three or four years old. I named him Clock because I happened to be looking at a clock when my mom asked what I wanted to name him.”

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14. “Had a client who let each of their 3 children name the cat. The poor cat’s name ended up being Hungry Jack Biscuit.”

15. “My 4-year-old tried to name our puppy Refrigerator.”