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Vet Busts The Myth That 1 Human Year Equals 7 Dog Years, Says Your Dog Is Actually Much Older

Pets are an endless source of joy and comfort for many. Some find taking care of a small critter fulfilling, others lean towards dogs that they can be active with, and then there are those who like cats and their general independence. Basically, there’s a pet for every type of personality, and people are largely thankful for the companionship, reciprocating the unconditional love with dedicated care.

And it will likely surprise no one that one of the most popular pets around the globe is a dog! These pets can accompany you for the majority of your life; they can watch you grow up just as much as you document their journey. Dogs often become full-fledged members of the family, so their birthdays become as much of a milestone as your own. But here’s the hard truth—their cake day holds more significance than many imagine.

A veterinarian debunks the idea that 1 human year equals 7 dog years

A video went viral on TikTok, made by veterinarian Dr. Hunter Finn. It was viewed 4.2m times and unfortunately, it’s not about dog petting techniques. “Okay, so you know that one saying that one human year equals seven dog years?” said Dr. Finn. “It’s not true.” Dr. Finn informed people that the largely prevalent idea that dogs age according to the formula of 1 human year=7 dog years is actually wrong. In fact, 1 human year means your dog has aged to the equivalent of 31 human years!

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