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VIDEO: Moment Gigantic Alligator Is Seen Stomping Across Florida Golf Course

Golfer Jeff Jones recorded a big crocodilian stomping its way across the FL golf links before submersion itself within the lake near.

Golf is exciting on its own, however, no alternative linksman has ever skilled the fun Jeff Jones did at Valencia Golf and lodge in Naples! Netizens were dismayed to look at the video of a vast gator he noticed stomping its way across the Florida golf course!

As cyclone Eta sweptback through the area, the golfer filmed the big beast strutting across the golf green before submerging itself in a very nearby lake.

In the alarming video, one golfer may be heard:

‘Holy …This guy out for a stroll — oh, my God!’

People on-line were panicky to envision a big crocodilian caught on video whereas stomping its manner across an FL golf course

Florida Fish and life estimate there are around 1.3 million within the region, and therefore the biggest ever caught reportedly measured up to a tremendous 17.4 feet long! The one in the footage is extraordinarily giant as well, and other people on-line couldn’t facilitate however asking various questions on it.

Alex Hoffman wrote:

‘That is Godzilla, that’s not a gator.”

Josh Helmuth in agreement it’s no gator, but a ‘walking, living dinosaur.’

One womb-to-tomb American admitted he has seen many gators in his life, but “never one that big”, with a tail that has got to ” weigh a hundred pounds.”

  • These gators will get older extremely large, and the biggest one ever captured in Everglade State measured up at a staggering 17.4 feet-long




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