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Video: Florida Man Bitten By 13ft Alligator ‘Friend’ While Taking A Dip Together

Video reveals the alarming moment once superman the thirteen ft alligator took a ‘nibble’ at John Braje’s shoulder.

Being about to animals is simple and grateful, however sometimes, if they’re giant, stronger, and dangerous, things will go in the incorrect direction. Therefore, one must be additional careful and skilful to stop incidents.


Luckily, when John Braje went swimming within the Miami lakes in the Florida swampland together with his friend, a 13-foot large alligator, and therefore the predator nibbled him, he knew what he had to do.

The acknowledged catecholamine junkie later explained that this wasn’t the primary swim the 2 of them had together, however it had been the primary time the alligator, named Elvis, had bitten him.

The entire factor was recorded on video, and therefore the alligator is seen going towards Braje and biting him on the shoulder. Luckily, he reacted terribly quickly, jumped out of the water, and remained unharmed.

Braje shared the video of the incident on Facebook and wrote:

“SO, I got nibbled on by a thirteen-foot alligator today, lol.🤣😂

Thinks simply because he’s larger than me, that he may bully me!!!🐊🐊🐊


No arduous feelings though. He was simply displaying dominance or even just curious. IF he needed a bite, I wouldn’t get on FB right now, lol..

He’s still my sidekick & sick be back in with him soon..”

Watch the video below:


After the initial shock, some people even joked, occupation him truth “Florida man”.

Many were worried, commenting on his bravery/ stupidity, however, Braje explained that this can be neither the primary time his friend will it:

“I’ve had many interactions with him within the past. I feel perhaps as a result of there have been loads of individuals around, he felt he required to show dominance but usually he’s very chill… IF he needed more, he may have gotten it. That’s my buddy.”


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