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The Coconut Crab Kills Birds And Breaks Bones – And May Have Eaten Amelia Earhart Alive

The largest and improbably powerful terrestrial invertebrate on the planet, the coconut crab, will eat something on its way- some scientists believe these crabs are regarding the disappearance of congenital anomaly Earhart’s remains.

The world we board may be a weird place indeed, particularly after we understand that we share our home with several uncommon and shuddery members of the animal kingdom.

Those living in North America don’t have a reason to worry them- however, people who love travelling ought to be careful, as there’s a form of crab that Darwin once delineates as “monstrous’!

Coconut crabs are large crustaceans with laborious shells and large pincers, and appearances like out of a horror or sci-fi movie! These crabs have a varied diet, and may eat anything, together with fruits, birds, and even larger animals!

Some specialists believe that they’re behind the disappearance of congenital anomaly Earhart, too. Coconut crabs are the largest terrestrial invertebrate in the world. they will weigh up to nine pounds and can have a leg span of up to a few feet.

The massive claws on the front-most legs can break open coconuts and elevate objects that weigh up to sixty-four pounds!

These claws are a number of the foremost powerful weapons in the animal kingdom. whereas coconuts form up the bulk of the diet of those crabs, they’ll eat something on their way!

Fruits, birds, pigs, corpses of different crabs, and even their own systema skeletale when they shed it. Coconut crabs live throughout the Indian and Western Pacific oceans, with their largest population being placed on Christmas Island within the Indian ocean.

You can even encounter them on Seychelles, the Cook Islands, specially Pukapuka, Suwarrow, Mangaia, Takutea, Mauke, Atiu, and smaller islands of Palmerston.

Yet, don’t let this spoil your vacations there!

Coconut crabs can only hassle individuals once they are provoked. they’re scary-looking and terrifying, however, actually, they ought to concern humans more. In fact, we’ve killed them to close extinction, and it’s doable that the sole person they need ever killed is Earhart.

The mystery close to this pilot keeps scientists and historians perplexed for years. Some suppose she crash-landed within the Pacific Ocean throughout her round-the-world flight and drowned. As her remains haven’t been found, this can be the foremost plausible explanation.

Yet, The International cluster for Historic craft Recovery (TIGHAR) has another theory.

On Gregorian calendar month 2, 1937, Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan tried to land on the Pacific Island, Howland. The cluster believes they landed on Nikumaroro instead, as they couldn’t realize it.

According to the current theory, Noonan eventually died, the plane floated off the reef, and Earhart remained the sole human on the island.

Three years later, thirteen bones were found on the island, and that they were sent to the country to be examined as consultants thought they belonged to Amelia’s skeleton, however they got lost on the way.

At this point, TIGHAR believes that coconut crabs have scattered the bones around, once overwhelming Earhart’s body once she died. They dragged her bones back to their burrows.

To check their theory, TIGHAR placed a pig carcase on the place wherever they believe Earhart might need been. once some time, as expected, the crabs, at the side of many strawberry hermit crabs, swarmed the body, and in concerning 2 weeks, that they had removed most of the flesh.

After a year, the crabs had dragged a number of the bones sixty feet, and that they couldn’t realize all of the remains.

Back in 2001, doable signs of a Yankee castaway on the island were unearthed, together with the remains of several campfires, a jackknife, a woman’s compact, a zipper pull, and glass jars.

In 2017, the rhetorical dogs delivered to the location by TIGHAR signalled that they had found an area wherever somebody had died. though they didn’t realize any bones yet, the cluster believes they’ll eventually find what they’re trying for, and find the place where the coconut crabs carried Earhart’s remains.



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