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Man Jumped Into A Frozen Lake To Save Drowning Dog (VIDEO)

Darcy Bell hopped into a lake in Pontefract Park in the wake of seeing a canine battling in the water. The 31-year-old had been running with his neighbor when he saw an upheaval coming from the lake, Yorkshire Live reported. Paula Town posted her recording internet expressing:

What a saint, this total abnormal safeguarded this present family’s canine when it stumbled into difficulty in Pontefract Park.

Darcy’s senses dominated and he bounced into the Pontefract lake. He said:

I started to run down quickly. I’d at first imagined that individuals closest would have the option to get him out however the canine had gone farther.

I was unable to falter – I bounced straight in and advanced toward the undeniably focused on canine. I need individuals to know – cold water swimming is something I’m utilized to as a competitor. I wouldn’t prescribe anybody to do – it can actuate cold water stun which can be deadly.

I had felt that individuals close by had been searching for a stick or something like assistance the pooch yet it showed up there was not all that much. So I crushed through the ice without truly considering everything. It was an instance of being in the perfect spot at the perfect time.

Darcy said he did not save the dog for “a pat on the back” and was merely following his instincts.

I literally pushed the dog back to the side so it could get itself out. It was a small black dog, a cocker-poo maybe. It was nice to get the thanks but I wanted to make sure people know – it’s not something you should do unless you’re used to cold water.

A stick or similar would be better, as it wouldn’t put anyone else in danger. I personally think there should be safety barriers around the lake to prevent things like this happening again.