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Three Elephants Trapped In Muddy Swamp Luckily Saved by Local Heroes! (VIDEO)

While playing and having fun, three elephants, most likely friends got stuck into a swamp full of mud in the deep forests of India.
Luckily they were helped and rescued by some local good-hearted people, they took the mud out with some shovels and diggers.

We know that in many situations , humans will not risk their lives in order to help animals, but here are some images that will probably restore your faith in humanity and change your beliefs. 

The elephants got into the mud, and could not got out because of how deep it was and also they probably were scared to move as the mud is weird place to be stuck in, even if you are as enormous as an elephant. Thankfully the couple of people that were in a close diameter, noticed the stucked elephants and hurried up to help them.

Many people were around the situation, watching the entire process while the elephants got saved, everyone cheered as the three big friends got back into the wild, their home and where they are free.



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