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Watch how this Expert diver gracefully dances with tiger sharks.

Get ready to get some real heartthrob as you would see men dive deep to dance with tiger sharks. Yes, to dance with these notoriously fierce attackers! Wildlife planet is here to share with you the very breathtaking adventure in a short clip. They said, “dancing with a large tiger shark.” Tom Park, a professional underwater photographer, and filmmaker recorded the whole experience.

It takes a lot of courage to film a good video underwater while being in the middle of a shiver of fierce tiger sharks. And we can’t just end the description without the mention of the bold and heroic Eli Martinez, the chief diver in the crew who is seen dancing with the tiger shark. He took the adventurous sport of underwater diving to a whole new level.

It seems to be incredibly dangerous, and it undoubtedly is. But the longer you watch it, the more baffling and all the more interesting it becomes. The point is, these particular sharks are now used to seeing scuba divers all dressed in black. They regularly experience divers arriving and moving around them. This might have, to some extent, made them a bit less dangerous. But sharks will be sharks! You never know when one comes and eats up your head or leg, whatever it pleases to take first. So the whole experiment was still extremely dangerous and unpredictable, regardless of the usual visiting and training.

The shark expert Eli Martinez turns the shark by touching it close to its mouth, and we see its gills moving vigorously. Tiger sharks are among the toughest and the most unpredictable of animals to deal with in real life. You will just have to watch for yourself and see how Eli Martinez skillfully confronts these dangerous predators in the blue wilderness.