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Video of the day: Majestic Black Stallion running free on the beach

In case you were in search of something to transpose you into a magical world, away from all the nasty things and worldly stresses, here is it. It is a video that is bound to mesmerize you, with its astonishing equine beauty. In this beautiful video captured by Pepe Soho and Nico Bongiovanni, Wildlife planet wrote, “Majestic to see such a beautiful stallion running free” while sharing the same. The white sands, wetted by the blue beach waters, are overwhelmed by the gallops and thuds of this heavenly creature, as it keeps moving despite everything. One just can’t get enough of this video; no wonder the combination of horses and beaches is so beautiful and awe-inspiring.

A dramatic backdrop of a vast ocean with the sun preparing to sink into the blue waters – what could have possibly been better? A sky filled with cottony clouds and sunset hues further accentuate the beauty of the clip. To add to that, the majestic stallion runs fast, with his hair and pony bouncing and fluttering against the winds. The waves are calm and are just touch and wet the fine sand on which the creature gallops. The dramatic as well as shadowy galloping of the horse against a scenic and contrasting background gives it the feel of a fairytale movie.

Horses love water and beaches in general. Here, the black stallion’s spirits are set free as it gushes against the winds, stepping onto the waves and wet sands alongside. We are with you if you are already seeing yourself riding the majestic creature on the mesmerizing beachfront. Take a moment to sit back and enjoy the video, and feel good about life. Forget your daily chores and hassles for the time being and visualize the lively stallion galloping in the backdrop of this classic beach sunset.

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1 Comment

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