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Sea Life

Moray Eel coming to you! How would you react?

Serious predator alert! Behold the dangerously staring eyes. Watch this hypnotizing video of a moray eel slowly heading closer to the camera person, almost scaring the viewers. The moray eel is all set to spike up your heartbeat and make them audible to you. The beautiful yet deadly intriguing highlights on its back added to the elegance of its turning and slithering. It slowly moves ahead on the sparkling blue ocean bed. Mind you, it is a notoriously dangerous organism and can get you right away!

Notice how it keeps its mouth wide open. Do you think it is because it wants to gulp in the camera person? Don’t be mistaken into believing that it is a dangerous and threatening behavior; it is only breathing. Yes, moray eels pump water orally through their gills. Why, you ask? It is because unlike other fishes, moray eels do not possess bony gill covers that, with a flapping motion, force the water through the gills. So, breathe and let it breathe as well!

And do you see those ‘antennas’ above its mouth? They are the nostrils and are an essential appendage since moray eels are entirely dependent on their sense of smell for hunting purposes.

Their jaw truly reflects on the fact of them being utterly dangerous predators. The organism is double-jawed. It merely means it has got two sets of jaws. One is the outer jaw that is visible to the world around. The other jaw is located quite deep inside and pushes up when there is food in the oral cavity. This set is known as the pharyngeal jaw. The outer jaw helps in firmly gripping the prey while the pharyngeal jaw springs up and bites and mashes the victim, pulling it towards the throat, to be swallowed. Their face looks like that of an alien, do you agree?