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They found the same whale after 35 years in Mexico (PHOTOS)

“Same whale found after 35 years on the west coast of Mexico”, said Wildlife plant on their Instagram post. The recent image is of 2020, whereas the old photo dates back to 1985. The very same whale captured in the camera after 35 long years is no doubt a satisfying and beautiful sight to see. More so, because the number of California Gray Whales had remarkably decreased to somewhere less than 2,000. These innocent giants were under significant threat. It is recently that some populations of the California Gray Whales are recovering, thanks to the many international treaties and uncountable efforts by the Mexican government. The threat is relieved, and their number is now estimated to be around 20,000. Strict and stringent protection campaigns made it possible. 

If you travel to Mexico, don’t miss the stunning whale watching season – from December to March each year. The gigantic creatures can be seen playing, twirling, and swimming with joy and pleasure, in the clear water off the shore of Mexico. They swim away from their cold feeding waters of Alaska to the much warmer and softer climate near Mexico. The purpose is to breed, give birth, and nurture their calves and help them all the way back to Alaska. These California Gray Whales reappear every single year, off the coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula during November, to put tourists and whale watchers in awe. 

During the peak season, boat trips operated by experienced local skippers are organized, to take people to the very places where the whales can be found swimming and splashing. They have all the knowledge as to how not to scare them off the vessels and the proper way to approach them. Gray Whales with their calves singing songs of triumph and glory while splashing the blue waters with their tails – it is truly a feast for the eyes and the heart.