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Mother and baby Whales swimming together with a hidden message (VIDEO)

The mother-baby duo seems to be enjoying their vacation with merry songs amidst the keen divers, who came here only to get a sight of them. Following the month of October, they shall have to return to the Antarctic, only to come back here in the upcoming July.

The Tongan waters are necessary mating and birthing grounds for a couple of populations of humpback whales. These huge and loving creatures live and feed in the Antarctic when it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere. But by the time it is Southern Hemisphere winter, they migrate to the waters of the Tonga Islands to give birth and nurse their calves with love, care, and warmth. This is usually from July to October.

Also, Toga is probably one of the handfuls of countries that permit to swim with whales—yes, swimming beside these giants! From July to October, the humpback whales in the crystal clear blue waters are the focus of the attention of tourists from all around the world. A whole whale watching industry is rapidly growing around them. It’s no joke, divers from all over swear by these breath-holding dives. They throw on their snorkel gears to be numbed by the fascinating view of whales singing and swimming past them. It is natural to completely not feel that burning sensation in your throat at all, while you see them. The mother here is patiently awaiting the growth and development of her little baby so that he can build enough strength to travel back to their Antarctic feeding grounds.

Paul Nicklen, on his Instagram post at Wild Life Planet, said, “There are some breath-hold dives where the experience is so mesmerizing I completely forget about the burning sensation in my lungs. This was one of those occasions”

These songs are bound to be the best song you would have ever heard. However, this might not always be the case. The noise pollution caused by massive vessels tends to cause severe disturbances in the vocals and hearing of these Humpback whales.

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