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Caught on Camera: An Osprey flies high after grabbing a shark from the sea

Ashley White managed to capture an Osprey’s breathtaking flight of triumph at Myrtle Beach of South Carolina.

Wildlife Planet posted his video and wrote, “I can show you the World.” This particular caption describes the feel of the video like nothing else.

They further question, “What type of fish do you think it is?” as the fish can be seen dashing and fluttering against the winds in the claws of the Osprey while it flies at high speeds. It must have been an unusual sight to behold. 

The cameraman Ashley White shot the whole adventure with great accuracy.

It was so well-timed; we think he sensed the Osprey as soon as the Osprey sensed the fish! He might have had to wait for as long as fifteen minutes for the Osprey to finally get hold of a fish as it kept hovering over the waves. 

Ospreys are large birds with broad wings; some mistake them for eagles. They have an inherent gift of powerful eyesight – they can see fishes swimming underwater from quite above the level of the ground.

They generally hover above for a few seconds as soon as they sense their delicacies floating on the surface. How do you think it caught this large fish? Did it merely grab it from below the water surface? Or do you think it captured the fish right in the air when it was jumping out of the water? 

Apart from offering a splendid summer vacation for friends and families, Myrtle Beach provides such beautiful visual feasts for photographers and wildlife lovers in general. Nonetheless, this video of the Osprey flying with a fish in its claws is a true marvel of videography and went viral soon after it was released on the internet, and people went crazy over it.

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