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12 Interesting Facts About The Smart Mammal – Dolphin!

Dolphins are known to be the smartest of all mammals on the planet. They have highly-developed brains which have evolved over many generations. Dolphins also live in very complex social circles.
baby and mother dolphins

These factors contribute to their exceptional intelligence. In addition to their intelligence, dolphins are also very friendly. They are potentially empathetic towards humans which makes them a favorite amongst most of us. Let us, here, look at some very interesting facts about dolphins.

2 dolphins jumping
  1. Dolphins are carnivorous and consume 33 pounds of fish on an average in a day. They also eat crustaceans and squid.
  2. Their smartness is compared to apes as they have large brains comparable to humans.
  3. You will find five species of dolphins that live in rivers while the rest of about 35 species live in shallow parts of temperate and tropical oceans.
  4. Dolphins are known to live in large social groups. They have been observed to play and hunt together. These large groups constitute of 1000 members or even more.
  5. Dolphins belong to the whale family. Killer whales are also in fact dolphins too.
  6. Dolphins develop maternal instincts after giving birth. They nestle and cuddle their young ones too, much like human beings and apes.
  7. With acute eyesight, dolphins can see clearly in and out of water. Their hearing abilities are also accentuated to a frequency which is 10 times the higher limit of an adult human. The sensation of touch is also developed. However, they do not have the ability to smell.
  8. Dolphins do not have too many enemies. Their threat is particularly from human activities such as hunting and finishing, together with aggravating water pollution.
  9. Dolphins come to the water surface for breathing. However, they have separate blowholes for breathing so that they do not suck in water reducing their chances of drowning.
  10. They have two stomachs. One is used for storing food while the other is used for digestion.
  11. It has been proven by scientists that dolphins give each other names for recognition and also have unique whistles for themselves.
  12. They sleep with half their brain still active that keeps them alert of any danger.
dolphins together

Dolphins have more in them than you thought, isn’t it?