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Most Playful Habits Of Dolphins

There is no doubt that dolphins are the smartest water animals. These cute marine creatures that we often replicate into soft toys are very playful and intelligent. Researchers have found out that dolphins spend a significant time of their day playing. Here are some interesting facts about playful dolphins.

They understand language and commands

Dolphins can understand language, gestures, whistles and commands. They are quick to catch signals and perform. Therefore, they are easy to train for performances too. No wonder they are so brilliant in dolphin shows. Famous dolphin shows at Sea World and in countries like Bangkok will make you understand how well they backflip, spin and tail-walk. Even though keeping them in captivity and making them perform in shows is a cruel act, it highlights the natural trait that dolphins are born to play.

They engage in playful activities all-day

Dolphins move in groups known as pods. There can be a large number of dolphins in a pod who live, move and play together. Dolphins show feelings of attachment and friendliness with their peers and even mourn their dead. Such feelings give rise to group activities like engaging in games all day. We can often see dolphins jumping in the air in groups or performing acrobatic spins. They are good swimmers and have flexible bodies. They enjoy jumping high into the air, flipping, turning, and doing somersaults. It is a part of their natural character traits to spin and bounce. Even adult dolphins exhibit playful behavior and continue it throughout their lives.

They invent new games to play

Dolphins can spend hours playing and inventing new games. Different pods of dolphins have different games to play, and they pass down these games from one generation to another. Underwater, they can play with any object they find. Researchers have found dolphins playing with other small fishes, corals, turtles, and even seaweed. Any object can amuse them and make them want to play. Humans too are curious objects for them. Surfers have reported how dolphins love to swim next to them as well as along the bow waves of boats. They try to jump over kayaks and sometimes go very near scuba divers to engage with them. Dolphins also enjoy racing and can spend a considerable time of their days chasing each other for miles.

Does that leave you with any doubt about dolphins being the best players in the marine world?

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