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Why Are Pandas The Most Loveable Animals On The Planet?

cutest panda bears

The 20th century saw the popularity of a live teddy bear called the panda. The fluffy, black and white adorable animal became the cutest thing on the planet for children and adults alike.

As soon as its existence became known to the world, this Chinese animal gained immense popularity for its sky-high cuteness quotient. Have you wondered what the reason for its popularity is?

Eat, sleep, play, repeat

The reason why we can’t stop going gaga over the cuteness of pandas is that we love what they do all day. Humans connect to these lazy creatures immediately because they eat, sleep, play endlessly. That’s what humans crave to do too. The way they sit like humans on the ground on two legs remind us of ourselves, and we find that extremely adorable.

The teddy bear body

The physical appearance of a panda makes us swoon with affection. We simply can’t have enough of their giant teddy bear-like bodies, the pug nose, the huge, round eyes, and the way they walk around like babies. They almost resemble life-size teddy bears we have grown up hugging and cuddling. When we see them embracing their nannies with their giant paws and craving attention and affection, it’s hard to resist the urge of cuddling one. Also, the innocent stare with the typical panda face expression will melt your heart.

They are like overgrown babies

Pandas remind us of overgrown babies because of their gait and behavior. They walk around with baby steps, roll around, play with objects, and want to be fed and patted by their keepers. They exhibit childlike behavior by clinging to their keepers who often give them feeding bottles to drink. Look out for videos of pandas drinking from feeding bottles, and you won’t be able to distinguish them from human babies. Their gait reminds us of a baby learning to take his first steps, and that’s one of the most innocent things to witness. Also, they lie upside down on a branch half the time and sleep for hours like a darling baby. The sight would really tempt you to pat the back of this cutest animal on earth. 

It’s hard to find one reason not to be exceptionally fond of this cuddly, lovable creature and its mannerisms.

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