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Top 10 Deadliest Animals You Can Find While On a Safari in Africa

People that have been on a Safari in Africa probably know that once there, you have a high chance of seeing a wild animal, sometimes big, sometimes small, but most of them have one thing in common, they are deadly, so do not get too close to them.

But, don’t worry, your safari trip is safe because the officials that are taking you on the safari will not put you in danger on to anything, they have the experience, the knowledge, and the logistics on how to not get into danger.

We put a list of the Top 10 Deadliest Animals In Africa so have a look:


The Puff Adder | Wildlife Guide

This snake is the deadliest animal in Africa, they kill more than 30.000 people every year.

Puff Adder snakes are heavily populated, they have a powerful and poisonous venom and those are the two reasons for such a high number of human deaths each year.

They can grow up to 1 meter in length and have a thick girth.

This snake`s color can differ depending on the location and the habitat where they live, which can be anywhere across the continent of Africa, but they are mostly camouflaged into trees, ground, etc, and that is why people often step on them or hit them while walking.


Mosquito bites: widely available skin cream found to prevent the ...

Even though they are small, tiny, and most of the time you can’t spot them, mosquitos are one of the deadliest animals/insects in the world.

These small creatures are the quilty ones behind the death of 1 Million people and over 70 million peoplе infected from Malaria every year.

Malaria is a virus that can only be deadly for you if you don’t get ready for you, meaning you can use lotions and sprays that can distract the mosquitos, and also you can take a vacation in order to not be able to get infected.

If you wanna go to a safari in Africa and not get accompanied by mosquitos, you should consider visiting Namibia or South Africa. 


Hippo shows a crocodile who the real killer is : natureismetal

One of the most pleasing animals to watch, while they are enjoying life in the calm waters of the African ponds, seas, and rivers, but once they lose their gentleness and pleasingness they become a 100% deadly animal, in fact, they kill more than 3000 people each year. 

Hippos are becoming deadly and attack other animals or humans, once they have been threatened or scared for their family, territory, or life.

These animals are so big and at the same time can run to more than 32 km/h and those attributes put them an advantage when attacked by others.

Hippos are a relative of the great whale so you know with who you are in business. 


Tips to Survive Deadly Wild Animal Attacks - Procaffenation

The King is not attacking humans unless they are intimidated, but once that is done, they become super deadly.

Refugees in Africa that cross the desert in the middle of the night and trespass the territory of Lions are often attacked and killed by them.

Lions can weigh up to 500 kilograms so when they attack, there is less than 1% chance someone can survive the attack.

The king does not like when humans get in his territory so when you are doing your safari trip, make sure to not go into places where you are not allowed, and there are lions as well.


Saltwater crocodile guide: diet and where they live in the wild ...

These unique species, often hiding in the water, only showing their nose, are always in ambush trying to catch their daily meal, or attack an enemy.

Extremely fast and with a mouth that can split a buffalo, they are one of Africa`s Top 10 deadliest animals.

These cool looking but deadly animals, kill between 2000 and 3000 people each year but it only happens once people are in their zone, looking for something in an area where they are living, or when fishing boats are on the bay and crocodiles hide under them.

Crocodiles are one of the animals that do not like to be waived at, get to close or thrown food.



Buffalos are considered a dangerous animal, they are 1500 Kilograms, around 270 cm in length, and kill around 200 people per year.

They have a thru weapon on their head, the sharp horns that slice enemies, animals, humans in seconds.

The buffalo kills more humans than fellow animals, due to other animals being aware of the size and deadliness of these creatures.

Hunters knowing all of these facts, the speed, the razor-sharp horns and the instinct to kill are still trying to trophy hunt them.


Angry Elephant Photograph by Richard Gray

The biggest animal in the world can also be a fatal enemy of more than 500 people across the globe every year.

Elephants are not aggressive when they live in their natural habitat or in a zoo, but they become extremely aggressive in the areas of the world where they are treated like slaves or used for their bones.

When you are on your safari, it will be a usual thing to see a random elephant walking alongside or on the road, but be careful, don’t intimidate them too much as they can turn on their anger in any second and probably smash the car or bus.


Angry rhino 'appears from nowhere' to turn tables on suspected poacher

Currently, in the world, not a lot of rhinos are left, neither white or black, they are both on the verge of being extinct. 

They are one of the animals you don’t need to be close to, as they have short sight and can attack anything that they might think can be their meal for the day or can think of you as an enemy trying to take away their territory or a member of their rhino family.

Rhinos weight a little short of 3 Tons and can run up to 70 km/h so not a single human being, not even Usain Bolt can run away from them if being chased.


Black Mamba Facts | Live Science

This is one of the animals that not even the animals we mentioned above wanna be around, and when it comes to the human, there are only 2 words to tell STAY AWAY.

The black mamba is not black but is for sure deadly, hiding in places you will never be able to spot it, trying to attack something.

They are around 2.5 meters long and can attack at the speed of 20km/h, but one attack from them is 12 strikes.

They have a venom that believe it or not can kill up to 12 men in an hour.


Great white sharks have suddenly disappeared from one of their ...

The shark is not the animal that will attack you just because you are around her, but they for sure are the predators of the ocean when it comes to other fishes.

Sharks attack humans only with one bite and are known as “the test” they are doing, but often if not always those tests are quite fatal for the human being in both physical and mental damage.

They are so fast, and when they attack their prey, they do the above mentioned “test”, then they go with it deeply underwater.

Sharks are usual for the shores of Africa, so be careful and always read the current state on sharks in the bay area when wanting to go in the water for a swim.

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