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Interesting Facts About The Caroline Parakeet – Beautiful Green Parrot

The biological name of Carolina Parakeet is Conuropsis carolinensis.

They are natives of North America. The Carolina Parakeet was a member of the neotropical parrot family. They live in a large flock of 200 to 400 birds. They build a nest in hollow trees and produce 2-3 eggs per season. The Carolina Parakeet is one among the 2 parrot species native to the United States of America.

Extinct Carolina Parakeet Targeted For 'De-Extinction' With Help ...

The closest living relative of the Carolina Parakeet is the golden-capped parakeet, the Nanday parakeet, and the sun parakeet. In the early times, the Carolina Parakeet had a long-range as in 28 states of the United States of America. Their native habitats used to be wetland forests and swamps. They are known to feed mainly on seeds and wild berries but they also feed on fruits.

The Carolina Parakeet was a small green parrot.

Its majorly green in color but with an orange forehead and a yellow head. The feathers are primarily green but it has a yellow outline on the edge. The shoulders are also yellow. The skin around the eyes is white and the beak was pale in color. The thighs are green in color but it becomes yellow as it moves towards the feet.

Extinct Carolina Parakeet Targeted For 'De-Extinction' With Help ...

The male and female species of the Carolina Parakeet had identical colors. The young Carolina Parakeet species display a different color than the adults. They lack the yellow and orange colors. But they show sexual dimorphism as male species of the Carolina Parakeet is larger than the female species. The Carolina Parakeet has a zygodactyl foot which means that the 2nd and 3rd toes of this species points to the front and the 1st and the 4th toes point backward. The Carolina Parakeet weighs nearly 100g and is 35 cm long.

The main reason for the extinction of this bird is habitat destruction and hunting.

The Carolina Parakeet feeds on fruits cultivated by the farmers. This caused a major problem for these farmers. So these farmers trap the birds and hunt them down. The Carolina Parakeet is a very social bird. They always come back to the place where they lost their loved ones.

DNA Study Points To Humans As Cause of Carolina Parakeet Extinction

This made it quite easy to be hunted. The Carolina Parakeet is a beautiful bird with colorful feathers. Unfortunately, this became a death warrant for them. The Carolina Parakeet was hunted down for its beautiful feathers which were used in the fashion industry. Another reason for the extinction of Carolina Parakeet is poultry diseases.

As a part of conserving this species, they were kept in captivity in zoos.

The last known pair was kept in Cincinnati zoo for more than 35 years. The Carolina Parakeet that lives in the wild doesn’t have such a long life though.

What the tragic story of the extinct Carolina parakeet can tell us ...

It was a very beautiful bird. So colorful and beautiful. But unfortunately, we have lost it to human intervention. There are more such beautiful species in this world. But at this rate of extinction, we won’t be left with many. Co-living is something we need to learn.

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